ISAGER Wool Soap

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When a Knitter pours hours of love and care into one’s knitting, the finished product obviously deserves the best possible care. At ISAGER we have developed our own Wool Soap, making sure that your knit wear can get the loving care it deserves.
ISAGER Wool Soap does not contain lanolin and is therefore especially good for washing knitting containing alpaca qualities. As opposed to fibres from sheep, the hairs from alapacas are hollow inside. If you wash alpaca wool with soap containing lanolin, it will loose it airiness over time, as the hair cavities fills with lanolin. ISAGER Wool Soap, on the other hand, ensures that the alpaca will maintain it’s airiness

The soap can be used for all kinds of wool and it is also very well suited as a mild detergent for non-wool qualities such as Isager Trio and Isager Bomulin.

If you want fragrance in your soap, you can with benefit add a few drops of essential oil.

Liquid detergent with soapwort extract

  • 500 mL
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Contains vegan soapwort extract
  • Contains natural lactic acid that reduces limescale
  • Without palm oil and petrochemical raw materials

Bottle content allows up to 25 washing cycles

20 ml pr. 2.5 kilograms of dry laundry for all degrees of hardness and temperature ranges

Water, Lauryl glucoside (from coconut), Sodium coco sulphate (from coconut), Lactic Acid, Table Salt (NaCl), Benzyl Alcohol, Soapwort extract.

Ingredients in accordance with EU Diretive 648/2004

  • 5 % – < 15 % nonionic tensides of plant origin
  • < 5 % anionic tensides of plant origin
  • < 5 % soapwort extract, benzyl alcohol and lactic acid
500 ml
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