Yarnover Berlin? Yarnover Berlin!

A result of sharing our dream of having all those precious yarn available here in Germany as well.

Who we are: MARION, born in Berlin, experienced knitter since many years and beginning knitwear designer nowadays and STEFFI, born in Munich with a weakness for crazy colors and handspun yarns. 

We met on Ravelry back in 2008, a few weeks later we met in person and soon found out we share the love of knitting, love for precious yarn and beeing online on Ravelry - where else ? We both had day jobs, but dreamt of starting a business…

Our online shop went live back in January 2012 – and what a journey it has been since then until now ! We started travelling the world visiting yarn festivals, we met knitters from so many countries and also met many business owners and designers.

Back in 2015 – out of the blue and in a few weeks only – we organized Berlin´s first yarn festival „Berlin Knits“. It was a big success and we did it again – in September 2017 we welcomed knitters from all over the world here in Berlin for another yarn festival. 

Soon after we got the chance of a lifetime => Marion quit her day job and in February 2018 we opened our LYS at the most wonderful place we could dream of, at Kunsthof Berlin in the very heart of the city. 

In 2019 the former owners of „Frida Fuchs“ asked us if we´d like to buy their company. We did not hesitate, Steffi quit her day job, too, learned how to dye yarn and became an expert very soon ! Our own yarn brand Frida Fuchs became a perfect addition and we are proud we sold skeins to knitters all over the world who love to come to our LYS and ask for local yarn. 

We both are very thankful our dream came true and are very curious what the future will bring!