For the love of ISAGER...

by Yarnover Berlin on Apr 15, 2024

For the love of ISAGER ...

This picture of the two of us with Marianne Isager is almost ten years old. It was taken when Yarn over Berlin was still “only” online and we could only dream of selling the beautiful Isager yarns.

However, when we opened our store in the heart of Berlin, that quickly changed. Marianne was looking for a retailer in Berlin-Mitte and contacted us - and we didn't have to think about it for long.

After several years as an ISAGER retailer, we now have 19 different ISAGER yarns in our range – from the classics Alpaka 1, 2 and 3 and Spinni to the summer yarns HOR and Trio 1 and 2 … and there will certainly be more.

Brand new are the dyed versions of the popular Eco Soft yarn, which – due to the new colors – is now just called Soft. This yarn became famous through Anne Ventzel's classic Badger & Bloom – why not try a dyed version in black and red?

Soft has also got a "little sister" => Soft Fine. It looks similar to Soft, only much thinner; however, the composition is different => Soft Fine is made of alpaca, silk and yak, is cuddly soft and is already referred to internally at Isager as ISAGER cashmere. One ball is enough for one of the small, slim "micro scarves" that are currently so popular.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about ISAGER yarns - just send an email to . Anyone who has the opportunity to visit us in Berlin is welcome to take a look at the yarns on site and find the best combinations.


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