LAINE Magazine Issue 21

by Yarnover Berlin on Apr 16, 2024

LAINE Magazine Issue 21

The summer issue of LAINE Magazine - LAINE 21 - can now be pre-ordered here and will be published on May 17th. The theme of the magazine is “Harvest Sun” and there are eleven beautifully photographed projects from international knitting designers.

The eleven models in alphabetical order and with suitable yarn suggestions from us in detail:

Brisa al Atardecer by Griselda Zárate
This sweater, which has a “boxy & cropped” fit, is knitted with two threads from top to bottom. We stock both original yarns, ISAGER Tweed and Trio 1, in a wide range of colors.

Casadinho Slipover & Cardigan by Paula Perreira
Paula Perreira contributed two designs to the current LAINE magazine, which together make a pretty twin set. Both projects are knitted from the same yarn, a “blow yarn” made from cotton and alpaca. We recommend the yarn ISAGER (Eco) Soft, which is now no longer only available in natural tones but also in several colors and is also recommended by LAINE as an alternative. We also have the other alternative yarn, Biches et Buch Coton et Alpaca, in our program.

Facet of Faïza Mebazaa
Facette has a wide neckline and deep raglan sleeves. The “eye-catcher” of the sweater, however, are the patterns on the lower cuffs and on the half-length sleeves. These are worked using the “stranded colourwork” technique. The sweater is knitted with a thin sock yarn. We recommend our in-house Frida Fuchs Remmidemmi with the same composition as the original yarn. Remmidemmi also offers “Miniskeins”, our mini foxes, one or two of which are enough for the contrasting colors in all sizes.

Fossora by Soraya García
The small A-line top is knitted in three colors - in a pattern that almost looks like crochet. It is knitted double-threaded with a pure cotton yarn. As an alternative, you can use MALABRIGO Verano in one thread - or the summery mixture Trio 2 from ISAGER.

Imatra by Fiona Alice
Imatra is a three-color jacket made from a wool-cotton blend. It is knitted in individual pieces and then sewn together - this makes it possible to influence the color distribution while knitting. We would knit this jacket from de rerum natura Robinson, a wool-cotton blend that is also recommended by LAINE as an alternative yarn.

Lucienne by Audrey Borrego
Lucienne is our personal favorite from this issue - and obviously not just ours, because this pretty sweater even made it onto the cover!
The sweater is knitted from top to bottom as a raglan sweater - the fictitious raglan and side seams have a wide hole pattern that gives the sweater its summery feel. The original was knitted from the wool-cotton blend Candide from de rerum natura, which we stock in all eleven colors. We will receive additional supplies until the LAINE Magazine is published.

Quince by Irene Lin
Quince is knitted from top to bottom and starts with single-thread Silk Mohair for the yoke, to which a thin yarn in the same color is later added and continued knitting with two threads. For this summery sweater with a pattern on the bottom cuffs and bottom of the sleeves, we recommend ISAGER Silk Mohair and Alpaca 2.

Speculaas from kao/amumu
The Speculaas socks were inspired by the Christmas cookie Speculaas and - similar to the cookies - have delicate patterns and a corresponding color. They will certainly also look beautiful in other colors of our Frida Fuchs Remmidemmi sock yarn, as this has the same composition as the yarn used for the original.

Tsinnia by Jenny Ansah
The cloth was inspired by zinnias and depicts them perfectly, even with nubs as petals. Due to the bandana style of the small scarf, you only need a little yarn - one or two balls are enough. We recommend de rerum natura Albertine, which we carry in the full range of colors and which LAINE also lists as an alternative.

Ziggy by Julia Wilkens
Ziggy is a large shawl knitted entirely in garter stitch. With shortened rows, different triangles are created - these are set off with borders in two colors. The original yarn is ISAGER Spinni, which we stock in all colors - even in 50 gram skeins, which are sufficient as a contrasting color.


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